AF-Scalper.Cv, is the first Forex Robot we created in 2013, and we continue to develop it to get the best performance and can minimize the risk of loss during trading.
This Forex Robot is very simple but has many Featured Features, including, Automatic Money Calculation, News Filter, Hidden Profit and Loss Limits, so it will be safer if we meet or use a fraudulent broker.

* Trades for you Automatically
* Market Oversees Day and Night
* Built in Money Management
* Jumping Stops, break evens, etc.
* Trade Multiple Currency pairs at once
* Default settings are optimized
* Quick installation of 5 Minutes
* No adjustment needed
* Special customer support
* Works on many Micro, mini, and standard sizes
* Auto stop loss and take profit
* Works on any PC, without restrictions
* Runs on demo and live accounts
* No experience needed

Type Expert
Daily Trader and Semi Scalping
EA Work based on Indicators
* Fibonacci
* TrendLine
* Moving Average
* Currency Range
* Online indicator
* Hidden Stop Loss
* Hidden Take Profit
* Working 24 hours
* News Filter feature

What is included in the Purchase Package?
1*dll Indicator
5*Set File for Expert
1*Set File for News Filter
1*User Guide
Recomended Deposit 500$
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