Q: How do I get the EA when my Payment is Successful?
A: After you Complete the Purchase, You will get the Download link or E-Mail Notification From My Server

Q: Can i Start with a Demo Account?
A: Yes, you can Start with a Demo Account and Real Account

Q: Will I get Help in installing EA?
A: Of Course, you will get full Assistance from our Support, and this is free

Q: Do I have to use VPS for my EA?
A: Yes, We Recommend using VPS so EA can work Perfect

Q: Can this EA work on a Cent Account
A: Yes, EA can work on Cent, Standard,ECN, Mini, and Micro Accounts

Q: Can this EA work in all brokers
A: Yes, But we Recommend that you use an ECN Broker with Small spreads

Q: Can I change EA’s name and comment?
A: Yes, you can change the comments on the EA and also change the name of the EA if you have an Administrator license

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All of our Accounts are Currently Unstable, Because our MT4 has an Update Problem, for old clients please log in to your VPS and check if your MT4 (Expired) If there is information (Old Version) Please Update your MT4 to the latest Version (screenshot http: //prntscr.com/muwju6)

More Information Please contact Support ( cs.afsid@asia.com / support@afs-id.com )